To kill a mocking bird - Book summary

September 01, 2020

To kill a mocking bird Book summary
To kill a mocking bird - book summary
Harper lee’s To kill a mocking bird novel is set in the frozen city of Alabama in the 1930s. The narrator of the story is a girl named Scott Finch. Her father, the lawyer Atticus Finch is a morally good and honest gentleman. Scott lives with her brother Jem Finch. Later, a boy named Dill Harris, who was about the same age, was added as a neighbor. There were rumors in the neighborhood - their nearest neighbor Boo Radley never left his house. He is thought to be a nocturnal monster. Children make up all sorts of scary stories about him; They get scared even when they hear their own stories! 

They were so curious that one evening Scott, Jem, and Dill go to boo’s house through a hole to see. Boo's brother heard the sound and fired blank shots, and they run away from there. Jem left his pant off there as it got stuck in the wire when he was running. After a while, when he went to take the pant, he saw that the pant was folded nicely and the rips were sewn. Another mysterious event took place in their lives. They often say that someone kept a gift for them in a tree hole next to their house. One day they see that Boo's brother is filling the hole with cement. 

Meanwhile, Scott’s father Atticus Finch agreed to fight the case on behalf of a black man named Tom Robinson. Mayella Violet Ewell, a white woman, accused Tom of rape and physical abuse. Locals insult the Finch family because Atticus agrees to fight the case on behalf of black men. The father of Mayella made a direct threat to Atticus. Yet Atticus did not move from his position. He knows Tom is innocent, He is just only being accused of it. He also knows that, no matter how innocent he is, Tom will be defeated in the case; Because the allegation has been raised by the whites, the whites will decide. Yet he made a last effort. It is clear from the contradictory statements of the witnesses and the accusers in the court that they are lying. According to Tom, the crime was actually committed by Mayella. She called him her home and tried to make him 'sexually motivated'.

At one point, when Tom tried to escape, Mayella jumped on him. At that moment, Ewell's father, Bob Ewell comes. He brutally beats his daughter, which is later alleged to have been committed by Tom. Atticus said to everyone in court, the culprit is not Tom. If anyone is to blame, it is Mayella. However, she is not guilty of that incident. She wanted a man as a lonely woman. This is not her crime. She was embarrassed when she was caught up by her father. Her desired man was black, it is a disgrace in the eyes of our society. As a result, she had to arrange a rape drama to save herself from this. She did it at the persuasion of her father. But now if she destroys the life and family of an innocent person in a false case, she will surely be a criminal. Even we all will be considered guilty before God. Even after saying that, Tom didn't have the last defense. The court ruled against him. Atticus was thinking of appealing, but unfortunately, when Tom tried to escape while being taken to jail, he was shot and died on the spot.

Bob Ewell threatens Atticus’s family for revenge for his insult. One day, he really attacked Jem and Scott with a knife. An unknown person saves them. Bob died on the spot. This unknown person was Boo Radley. Their neighbor did not accuse boo of killing Bob Ewell. The law announced that Bob Ewell had stumbled in the dark of night and died from excessive bleeding after being stabbed by his own knife. But As an honest man, Mr. Atticus wanted people to know the truth, or to say that Bob was killed by his son Jem in a scuffle. But Atticus was wrong, Bob Ewell actually was killed by Boo Radley. But Atticus’s neighbor, Heck Tate did not agree with him. He said this was nature’s punishment for evil people. No one is responsible for this.

The Narrator Scott compares Boo to a mocking bird- who just sings, never hurts anyone. Her father once tells her that “Killing a mocking bird is unforgivable sin” Needless to say, if we compare innocent Tom to a Mockingbird, those who are responsible for his death are as sinful as to kill a Mockingbird. And from there we understand where the name of the novel comes from.

Then Boo Radley asks Scott to take him home. She keeps thinking that Boo has been seeing them from inside this house for so long, gave them gifts. Boo enters the house and locks the door. Storyteller Scott never saw him again after that.

The main theme of the novel, of course, is racism; Which the author Harper Lee has seen around her since her childhood and has never been able to accept it. Besides, the author showed the story of a child becoming an adult. Superstition, racial hatred, the true nature of courage and honesty, the relationship of the child with the father - all these important issues was also showed in the novel.

This was the book summary of TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD book summary hope you like it.

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