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September 12, 2020

Do you think extra? Do you always try to find meaning in everything? When someone looks at you while walking down the street, do you just walk the rest of the way thinking about why they were staring at you? Or if a colleague in the office makes fun of your work, do you keep thinking about that for the rest of the day? Does it take you a long time to make any decision? Can't think of what to do when? Most of the time lost in the world of thinking while working? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are overthinking about almost everything, which is not very good for your mental state. Because the habit of overthinking will slowly take away your peace of mind. Sadness can work in us after thinking too much about something simple. And the worst is when we waste our time overthinking. 

Suppose you are doing something. But doing the work, you are constantly thinking about how the work is going, whether it is going well or not, what people will say when they see it. A lot of thoughts, a lot of fears keep working in your head that occupies a lot of your mind. And that's why you may not be able to do your job properly, there will be a lack of focus on your work. The results of the work would not be as expected. And gradually the habit of overthinking will lead you to depression. 

But if we follow only five steps properly, we can get rid of this bad habit. Let's know what the steps are!
    Are you overthinking or Are you thinking negatively? In the beginning, you need to understand your way of thinking. 
    You may be wondering what else! But the reality is, we are often drowning in a lot of negative thoughts unknowingly which we can't even hold until we are completely drowned. So, take a moment to observe your thoughts. Try to understand the world inside your head accurately. Observe your thoughts just as you observe strangers walking down the street. This way you will understand whether your thoughts are positive or negative. Accept the reality without pretending ‘everything is fine’. Because accepting one's own problems is the first step in the development of your personality. You can't change anything unless you're sure you're overthinking. 

    A Diary for thoughts

    Our brain produces about 60,000 thoughts every day. I know, it is not possible for anyone to remember so many thoughts. To better understand your thought process, create a diary where you can write down your regular thoughts. 

    Try to write down the thoughts as soon as they come to your mind. Of course, it is not possible to write down every little thing. But at least try to write down the ones that drive you the craziest. Maybe there will be a lot of negative and unwanted thoughts. But this diary will give you a clear idea of ​​what is going on inside your head. As a result, the changes you want to make will be easier for you. 


    Meditation is very good for both your body and mind. Meditation will unquestionably help you to sort out your thoughts. 

    You must teach your own mind what to think, how much to think. You must build control over your thoughts. When you meditate, you must focus your full attention on your breathing. At first, it may not be easy. But eventually, you will learn to control your attention. Your brain will learn to pay full attention to even the most smallest things. And when you pay your full attention to anything, no other thoughts can take root in your mind. Don’t give your thoughts the chance to control your life. Rather you learn to control your thoughts. Only that way, you can reach your goal. 

    Pay attention to your work

    Another way to train your brain is to pay full attention to your daily activities and not allow the thoughts that run through your head to distract you. 

    whatever work you are doing, pay your complete attention to it. If you want to think about any other stuff, then do it before you start work. Make a plan before doing anything. Write down on a piece of paper what to do, how to do it, how much time to do it. So, you don't have to think about anything while working. You can fully focus on the work. When the work is being done, focus only should be on the work. There is nothing else in the world except your work Start working with such type mindset. 

    While walking down the street, pay attention to the environment around you without getting lost in the world of thoughts. It's normal to be distracted, especially when you’re doing simple tasks like watching TV or a video. Control your attention and watch the video or whatever you’re doing with all your attention. Try to learn something new every day as well as work that will keep you mentally busy, such as driving, where you have to stay fully forced. Force your brain to engage in your real-time work. 

    All in all, always keep your brain busy. These habits will help you to train your brain. If you keep practicing like this regularly, one day you will see that it has become your habit. 


    Another way is to stop overthinking is, learn how to control your unnecessary thoughts as you wish. It is actually a part of training your brain. Whenever a voice inside your head tries to distract you, convince yourself that it is just a voice that you control. You can say anything you want with that voice. And if you practice it regularly, you will have a lot of control over your mind. 

    You can use that voice inside your head to motivate yourself to reach your goal. And if you can't, then it is very doubtful that your life will go your way. So, it is very important to try to change your thinking and thoughts. And that's why understanding your own thoughts was the first step and most important in this process. 

    Whenever you feel the presence of a negative thought in your mind, think about how to turn that thought into something good. How can this idea be used to your benefit? Practicing this small change every day can take you from a place of extreme unhappiness to a stage where you don't have to worry about anything. 

    I'm not saying, Thinking is a bad habit. But don't let the thoughts hurt your life and daily activities. Remember, over-thinking, especially if it is negative, is a bad habit that can make your life completely messy. 

    This was it. Did you like the article? If you do then comment us below and also tell us what you would like to read next?

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