Anger management: Tips to control your anger

September 04, 2020

Control your anger before it controls you
Control your anger

Do you get angry when no one listens to you? Does it feel better to threaten him than to explain? Or are you known as an angry person in a circle of friends? Or are your younger siblings afraid to talk to you or express any quirks?

Then now is the time to bring your anger under control. Because now you are no longer the controller of anger, but anger has become your controller. Anger is a human feeling and everyone feels anger. But it is never desirable to harm oneself or others because of that anger. Excessive anger affects both our relationships with others and with our own health.

So, let's know how to control your anger

    Don't hold back anger

    Many of us are seen to be very angry and self-deprecating. Gritting our teeth repeat ourselves ‘I’m fine, And seemingly this method is probably effective. I didn't say anything to anyone or get involved in any kind of argument, that's fine! But this idea is wrong. Because by suppressing anger we are increasing the amount of our anger, making the feeling of anger stronger. When anger is suppressed, the cause of the anger remains in the mind permanently, the bitter feeling remains with the person. But if we don't hold back the anger, let the other person know that any of his actions are making me angry, then the peace of mind, as well as the mutual bond, will be strengthened. 

    Physically expressing anger

    My parents said something that I didn't like, I came to the room and slammed the door. Or I threw the glass on the table. Many of us do this kind of work. There are even many examples of throwing one's mobile phone because of anger. We don't expect this sudden outburst to reduce our anger. But it is just the opposite. Expressing this kind of anger only makes our anger worse. Many people think that ‘doing nothing is not going to make you calm’. But if you do such a thing, then it really makes you calm? Does your anger go away by doing this? The answer will be “no”. Then, why we do that? Because our mind tells us to do so, our anger will decrease if we do this. See, the whole matter depends on our mind’s decision. If we can convince ourselves that there is no need to throw glass, we just need to give ourselves a little time to calm down. Then it will be seen that we can control our anger very nicely without doing anything.

    Distract your mind

    Our brains can concentrate on a certain amount of work together. Think for yourself, many times we don't pay attention to someone's work even if it feels bad. Why? Because we are busy with other things. But in our lazy time, if we disagree with someone, it doesn't take long for it to turn into an argument. Why? Because our brain is then unemployed, it will use its power in whatever is given to it. So, if we don't move our thoughts in the moment of our anger, then the expression of that anger will be much less. In that case, we can draw a laugh or talk about another topic. Or we may move away from that argument for a while. This will give us and others time to think about each other's arguments and the solution will be easier.

    Find a possible solution

    As a child, I read a story where the author said that the fault is much like a bag slung over our shoulders. The other’s bag is always in sight, but not yours. In reality, it is really like that. Yes, it is true that when the fire is burning in one's head in anger, no matter what the other person says, it will always feel bitter. But we are no longer small children who will shout, "Anyway, the palm tree is mine" without hearing or understanding the arguments of others. We also need to listen to others and try to understand their arguments. Instead of blaming others completely, we also need to look at our own faults. None of us are above fault. Give others the opportunity to point out your mistakes without catching them. Because the benefit is our own. The first step in becoming a good person, even if it is a little difficult, is to know your mistake and accept it

    Try to see the matter differently

    Suppose someone is arguing with you. The person you’re talking with is saying one thing and you are saying another. At this moment, if someone came and told you that his mother had an accident yesterday, would you keep quiet? Will you try to talk calmly then? Would you like to win the argument by keeping the mood cool? If the answer is yes, then think a little. What has changed in the subject of your argument? - No. Did he accept your words? - No. Did he take back what he said in anger? - No. But even then, you want to move on calmly, want to talk without anger? Why! Because you can think beyond the cause of your anger. Most of the time we vent our anger on one another. The father gets angry at the office, the mother gets angry with the father, the mother gets angry with the child, the child goes to school and fights with his friend, these are just casual events. It will be much easier.

    Physical exercise

    Maybe you read the headline and laughed at how it is! Should I start jogging or jumping in a fight? The answer is no. There can be different types of physical exercise. There are many small to small exercises for physical fitness that are not even visible to others. If you start arguing with someone or feel angry at someone for something, take a deep breath. Exhaling three times louder increases the amount of oxygen in our brain, which helps us to control our brain and control our anger. You can also listen to songs, count from one hundred to one, or close your eyes and remember happy memories when you realize the moment you get angry for no reason. Daily morning or afternoon jogging, walking or yoga or meditation helps us to control our anger.

    Ask for help if you need it

    In many cases, the result of all the above hard work is zero. It is almost proved that the amount of anger is increasing day by day and the control of it is decreasing. This can lead to numerous accidents or unexpected events at any time. Uncontrolled anger gives rise to various social problems such as violence against women, child abuse, drug addiction, terrorism, and even murder. So, we have to be aware of it. I must admit to myself first that yes, I need to control my anger. We need to find out which actions are the cause of our anger. An open conversation can be had with family or friends. If necessary, the advice of a doctor should also be taken. According to the doctor's advice, various therapies are very helpful in this case. Moreover, meditation also shows beneficial results in this case.

    You are afraid of someone close to you, surely you do not want that? Isn't it desirable for someone to avoid you because of your anger? Surely you don't expect your actions to go wrong in the face of anger? In that case, you have to come forward. Anger is normal but only when it exceeds the level it becomes a cause of harm. The effects of that loss can be seen in relationships with relatives as well as in one's own workplace. So, no more neglect. Try to control your anger now, build your life with the good wishes and love of all.

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