Summery of A Thousand Splendid Suns

August 07, 2020

A Thousand Splendid Suns
 A Thousand Splendid Suns
Famous author Khaled Husseini's first book, The Kite Runner, was a story about a family fleeing the war in Afghanistan and then settling in another country. That family was the family of father and son. This time, A Thousand Splendid Suns also talks about Afghanistan, but the difference is that it is about those who did not flee the country during the war, and this time the main characters are two women - Maryam and Laila.
Maryam - The story begins with Maryam. This little girl lives with her mother and grandfather in a remote village. Maryam is the illegitimate child of Jalil, a wealthy businessman. Jalil lives in a nearby town with his three wives and nine children and occasionally visits Maryam. Maryam loves her father very much. 

One day, she left alone, saying, "I will go to my father." But alas, Maryam did not understand how complicated the world was. She stays up all night at the door of Jalil's house but no one opens the door. Exhausted, Maryam returned home to find that her mother had committed suicide. Then Maryam was brought to her father Jalil, where Jalil and his wives married Maryam with a receipt thirty years older than her. After visiting her husband's house in Kabul for the first few days, she was overjoyed, but when her husband found out that Maryam could not be a mother, the unspeakable torture began. Maryam has no one else, so she tolerates all. 

Laila- Meanwhile, a little girl Laila was growing up in the house next to Maryam. Her mother lost her sense when her two brothers died in the war in Afghanistan. The family was fleeing to save their only child Laila, but a bomb exploded outside the house, killing Laila's parents, leaving only Laila alive. Maryam and her husband Rashid rescued Laila and sheltered her in their house. A few days later, Rashid married Laila. The quarrel between the two satins lasted for a few days. 

Then when Rashid started torturing Layla after giving birth to a daughter, Maryam realized that she and this little Layla were standing in the same place. Then a strange mother-daughter relationship developed between the two women. Meanwhile, Laila gave birth to a son. On the way to closing the Rashid’s business for the war, the puberty started to attack the family. Then Laila's daughter Aziza was left at the Orphanage by Rashid. But he keeps her son Jalmai with him. The only goal in Layla's life was to meet her daughter in an orphanage, despite strict instructions not to go out on the streets. 

One day when Rashid started torturing these two wives, Rashid got into a fight and died at the hands of Maryam. Meanwhile, one of Layla's old friends Tariq returns to the country. This time the most unfortunate thing is that Maryam sent Laila, Aziza, and Jalmai to Pakistan to save Laila. But she stays in the country and surrenders herself to the governor. She was brutally punished and died a painful death. Laila marries Tariq and lives happily with her husband and children. One day she returns to the country and remembers Mariyam's sacrifice and love forever.

In this book, the author showed the real background of the war, the misery of the common people, the oppression of the girls. It will be most sad to see the position of girls in that society. But this Laila used to go to school, her father was a teacher, he dreamed that he would teach her a lot of things. In domestic life, there was physical and mental abuse of girls, quarrels between multiple wives, etc., then the situation in the country was such that education was an out of thinking thing, girls weren't allowed to talk loudly, going out alone, laughing out loud. Does it called survive like humans? The answer would be "NO"

I couldn't sleep that night after finishing this novel. The picture of Mariyam's tragic death was floating in front of my eyes! God! Why so much injustice? Why didn't the writer give Mariyam a beautiful life-like Layla? 

I will suggest you read this book only if you can endure so much hardship and cruel reality.

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