What is an introvert?

August 21, 2020

Misconceptions about introverts
Misconceptions about introverts
The word ‘introvert’ has a special meaning. We use this word in a negative sense most of the time. Another word we use synonymously with an introvert is ‘shy’. There is no point in being shy just to be introverted. The introverted person loves to think for himself. Loves to think of different ideas. The person shows comparatively more interest in reading, writing, drawing, or engaging in such creative work without spending time chatting. 

    An introvert doesn't mean they talk less

    To understand whether are you an introvert, you need to know yourself first. Finding one's own strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself some questions and find the answers. If someone feels very tired after spending time with a lot of people, talking to everyone in the office or hanging out with a lot of people, or hanging out with everyone for a long time, then maybe he is called an introvert.

    A great feature of being introverted is that they may find themselves much more Mismatched in social matters, where others rather enjoy themselves. However, we sometimes see the opposite. They can blend in quite cordially to maintain various formalities or relationships within the society. But if someone feels more comfortable reading a book alone, doing their hobbies, listening to music, or watching TV than hanging out in the afternoon or hanging out with friends, then they are probably an introvert. Introverts are often reserved, quiet and even mistakenly called shy by others. The real fact is that introverts think twice before speaking, so it takes them a while to respond. Moreover, most introverts do not like to talk nonsense. 

    JK Rowling
    JK Rowling

    J. K. Rowling, we all know her more or less. She is the inventor of the popular character 'Harry Potter'. J. K. Rowling is a complete introvert in their personal life. For her - Introvert people stay within themselves with their own thoughts for the purpose of creating something new. Reminiscing about her life, she wrote on her personal website that she was traveling alone from Manchester to London in the 1990s. The train was four hours late. She was sitting alone in the lounge. She was feeling very sad and alone. Some thoughts are tangled in her mind. The character of a little boy came to mind as she thought to herself.

    She suddenly felt the need to write down these thoughts. She did not have the necessary paper and pen. A pen could be borrowed from anyone. But at that time, she felt so hesitant that she couldn’t ask for it in the end. But later she realized that it was good for her not to get a pen.

    She developed the character of the boy in her mind. She introduced himself to the script of that story. The whole picture stuck in her mind. A boy who didn't know he was a magician, grew up, went through various blows, went into the kingdom of the imagination. This character later became 'Harry Potter' and became our companion in the realm of imagination.

    One would be surprised to hear that Bill Gates, the founder and chairman of Microsoft, who owns billions of properties, is also an introvert. Writer and introvert expert Susan Cain call Bill Gates an introvert. Other successful names in this field include Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United Kingdom, Warren Buffett, the chief executive of Buffett Berkshire Hathaway, Albert Einstein, the wonder of physics, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Facebook. And many more. Is it any wonder that so many powerful people are examples of introverted people? Can't really think!

    There is nothing wrong with being introverted, but our attitude towards it is outdated. Many psychologists have said a lot of encouraging things about introverts. According to them, introverts listen to others with their minds, they think very deeply, they are always focused on their surroundings, self-aware and they are much more focused on creative things.

    There is always a conflict between introverts and extroverts. Both are on either side of the river. Many of us think that those who are extroverted are normal. And introvert means shy people. According to Laurie Helgay, a professor at Davis & Elkins College in West Virginia said, "Introverts are not shy people. They like to spend most of their time alone, but shy people are shy even if they are not alone.”

    "A lot of shy people want to be social," said Bernardo J. Cardusi, a professor of psychology at Indiana University's Shines Research Institute. But various worries and lack of self-confidence stand in the way of their socialization. That's the pain of being shy. "

    An introvert doesn't mean shy

    This means that shy people want to get along with a lot of people inside, but they feel a kind of discomfort due to a lack of social communication. Once this discomfort is overcome, they can blend in with anyone like Extrovert. These are called shy extroverts. Many famous actors, singers, or journalists (such as Johnny Depp, Barbara Streisand, or Kristen Stewart) have such a feature. According to Cardusi, there are some people who become shy only under certain circumstances. For example, in the face of a high-ranking or unfamiliar woman. Such people usually want to avoid such situations.

    Introvert or extrovert, there is no room for argument about which is better and which is worse. Because every character has both good and bad sides. Although introverts and extroverts are two completely opposite characters, sometimes a mixture of two types is found in many. Those are the types of personalities that are most noticeable. But both sides have good or bad sides.

    An introvert does not mean that he has to try to be extroverted. Even after being introverted, They can present themselves among many by their work, ability, or human qualities. So, if someone sniffs and calls you an ‘introvert’, then there is no need to be anxious.

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