Benefits of Reading Books: How It Can Positively Affect Your Life

August 27, 2020

Bill gates reading a book
Bill gates reading a book 

Achieving success in life requires a number of qualities or skills. There are many examples of successful people who have mastered various subjects through their own efforts. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, you don't know them!? They are at the top of the list of the most successful people in the world.

Did you know that they all have one thing in common? There are many answers but do you know the right answer? The right answer is that they all read books regularly. Reading books is to satisfy their infinite thirst for knowledge. Early in his career, Warren Buffett read 800-1000 pages a day. Bill Gates finishes 50 books each year. Elon Mask has acquired the science of rocket science through reading books. Mark Cuban reads books for more than 3 hours every day.

So, it turns out, despite their success, they have an infinite interest in knowing. So, the importance of reading books to them did not diminish. Because they know that you can have many qualities just by reading books. Today we will look at how books help us acquire different skills.

    The first benefit of reading a book is the emotional tension. One study found that dementia and Alzheimer’s helped reduce and even prevent these two diseases. Keeping the brain active will never lose its power. Considering the brain as a normal muscle of the body, regular exercise will keep it strong and fit.

    You must have heard the saying ‘Use it or lose it’. This also applies to the brain. You can also play various games to keep your brain active. For example, chess or puzzle. No matter what you do, you should not forget the need to read books.

    Stress reduction

    Some people choose to exercise to reduce their stress, while others resort to yoga to get back to their normal life. There is no such thing as stress in life, no matter how much it may not solve a good story. The fun of reading a book is that it will take you to an unknown world in an instant or you will travel at a time you never imagined. A good paragraph will relieve you of even a little bit of everyday reality. This will reduce your stress and bring you back to peace of mind.

    Vocabulary growth

    Reading books helps a lot in increasing vocabulary. The more books you read, the more new words will be added to your vocabulary. And one day you will notice that you often use those words in your speech. Using these words, you can easily and clearly express yourself to others. You certainly don't know how much expressiveness will help you in your career and even in your personal life. It will even help you build confidence.

    There is no substitute for reading books to learn a new language. This will help you master a new language very quickly.

    Improve memory

    When you read a book, you will see that there is a lot of information that you must remember for the sake of the interest in the story. Such as different characters, history, background, the purpose of the story, etc. While this information may seem extravagant to us, the brain has an extraordinary ability to remember everything. Each new memory creates a new synapse and strengthens existing memory and further improves short-term memory.

    improve analytical thinking

    Another important purpose of reading a book is to improve analytical thinking. Analytical thinking is very important in the work of many people, in that case reading books can be very useful. Have you ever read a mystery book and solved the mystery before reading the whole book? That means you have good skills. There are many situations in human life where those situations have to be dealt with analytical thinking.

    Gaining experience from others

    What you read in the book is basically written from someone's special knowledge or experience. That knowledge will help your success towards a specific goal, as you will be advised to take the right path and identify mistakes. You will see in different books that the author discusses the successes and failures of his life and various advices continue to rise above those failures.

    You can tell from their stories which way to go, success is guaranteed and the chances of mistakes are reduced. Life is too short to repeat these mistakes. If you want to be one of the successful people, then learn from the successful persons, their past, and know the mantra to turn failure into success.

    Increases imagination and creativity

    The book will take you to a kingdom of imagination, showing you that nothing is impossible. By reading, you will see that you can discover many things you know from different perspectives. You know how differences in behavior can lead to changes in outcomes. The book is like a giant spider's web that binds everything in one thread, combining the newly discovered subject with the subject you know and coming up with a new answer or solution seems to be a unique feature of the book.

    Discoveing new topics

    By reading books you can discover new things, new information or new ways to solve problems or achieve something. Who knows if reading a book adds a new hobby or a new profession to your list of favorites that you have finally chosen as your profession and achieved success.

    Meditation for your soul

    Want to get peace of mind? Then sit down in a secluded place with one of your favorite books. The natural beauty there, the open-air will increase your thinking but it is never possible to find it in a library. Reading a book for a while will take away your tiredness of the whole day in an instant.

    Increases attention

    To keep pace with the age of information technology, people seem to have taken the pace of technology earlier. The problem that people face most now is a lack of attention. In a 5-minute spread, on the one hand, where work is being planned, on the other hand, emails may be checked, and on the other hand, someone may be chatting or using a smartphone. This type of behavior increase stress...

    So, If you want to gain knowledge and want to be successful than you should read books.
    Do you agree with us or not? Let us know in the comment below.

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