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July 14, 2020

What is the meaning of life?
What is the meaning of life?
You all have probably heard of the Butterfly Effect somewhere and someplace before. In case you haven’t, the Butterfly Effect is a belief that one thing can impact everything that comes after. So, I wish to ask everybody a question today. Have you ever wondered what life would be like without you in it? I’m sure almost every person in the world has thought of this question at least once in their lives and most likely a question many people ask themselves every day. I ask you today if you have never thought about it before, to take a few seconds, and really do think about it. Because the truth is that without you, I may not exist. Maybe, it’s not just me. Maybe, you wouldn’t exist without the person next to you, your grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousins, siblings, parents, and friends. Maybe even people you don’t know. 

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed and ask yourself why you should even keep going? It’s a question billions of people ask themselves every day. Why do I have to get up? Why do I have to go to school or work? Why do I have to do this or that? It’s understandable why, and it’s because it’s so easy to just end your life in a physical way. Mentally, you will have internal struggles, but physically, if you jump off of a ten-story building or shoot yourself and such, it ends faster than you can blink. Therefore, I speak to you today. Because I only exist because of you. I am not only here to thank you myself, personally, but I am here to thank you on behalf of the whole world and the future generations to come.

Because if you died tomorrow, and you disappeared to the point where no one knew where you went or where you were, you would change the course of history compared to if you were alive that day. If you were a high schooler, and you disappeared like I said earlier, just vanished. There are so many things that would change without you. Maybe, the class is a lot quieter without you there, and if it isn’t, maybe the room feels “emptier”, almost as if there’s supposed to be something in there, but there’s nothing. Maybe, your gym teacher will blow his or her whistle to get you running to find you not getting up and running like you do every day. Maybe you had a secret admirer. A person who fantasized about a future with you. Maybe, he or she loved maybe your kindness, compassion, wisdom, introvertness, or extrovertness. Maybe, he or she liked that when you gave them that smile, waved your hair in the wind, or the sounds you made when you laughed because sometimes it’s the little things that make the big things. 

It’s so beautiful how out of seven billion people in the whole world, that one person picked you because to him/her, that you were the one person that mattered so much because you were that one thing he or she was looking for, and you were his or her whole world, and it’s even more beautiful than you may feel the same way. Maybe, you gave food and water to that homeless man every day down the street, asking him how he is and always supporting him. Maybe, you were the only person who ever treated him with such kindness. Maybe, you were the one thing that made him feel as if he had something. A friend. A true friend. A person who would stand by his side no matter what happened. Maybe, for your best friend, you were the only friend they had. Maybe, the kids in school called him or her an outcast, called him or her weird because they didn’t want to understand “different” because society sometimes restricts us from showing our true boundaries, and sometimes being “different” is considered a weakness in our society. Maybe, you are the inspiration for your best friend. Maybe, he or she had nothing but you because his or her family always considered him or her a disappointment, and you were the one person who told him or her that you liked him/her just the way he/she was.

In the end, maybe that’s all he or she wanted. A person to believe in him or her, like no one else, and you were the one who did. If you never existed, you never would have impacted your friend the way you did. Your parents’ memories with you would all finish existing as they would have never existed. The pictures you were in would have a big empty spot, or the picture would be a picture of nothing. The pictures of nothing wouldn’t even exist. If you never existed, you never would have had that guy or girl fall in love with you, and you would have never fallen in love with them. If you never existed, you would have never had anyone remember your name, deeds, actions, or anything they had ever done. 

All the work you have done, from creating projects in school, from writing stories, creating artwork and assignments from school would not exist. Maybe, when you grew up, you would have become a school teacher and given inspiration to many students, changing their lives for the better. Maybe, when you grew up, you would have become a renowned actor, writer, or a leader of an organization, business, maybe even the United States. Maybe, you would have had kids. Created more members of your family, created lives for them. Maybe, you would find a cure for cancer, find an alternative source to automobiles, and reduce carbon release in the air, changing the thoughts of your family, friends, and mates around you. Maybe, you would have been the representation or symbol of hope from all the ones who believed in you, who believed in you so much that they would stand by you no matter what. But if you never existed, none of that would happen.

You matter more than anyone else and just as much as anyone else. Because each of you has your own things you contribute to everything. It’s normal to be normal, normal to be weird, weird to be normal, and weird to be weird because in the end, “weird” and “normal” created by people, aren’t they? And what’s normal and what’s weird is decided by people in no specific way, aren’t they? Life is a hard challenge. The history of history and everything in our cinematic universe or literary universe, and we are the main character of our book or movie. Our story is long, and it’s filled with almost infinite amounts of climaxes, falling actions, rising actions, expositions, endings, and beginnings. However, there never is a resolution either as we usually have no idea, we’re going to die at the moment we do. But we’re characters who impact each other who write each other’s stories and create challenges, happiness, sadness, anger, and personalities for each other. We make cameos in other people’s lives, sometimes minor or even major appearances, such as a character’s best friend, mentor, or one true love. You may be the person who changes the whole course of the story, and you never know what kind of person you’ll be for others and what person others will be for you if you never existed. 

Know from today and here on out, that it won’t be easy because it really isn’t. I struggle with mastering this every day, even while speaking this to you, so I am technically being a hypocrite, and I’m serious. Some of my worst traits are my insecurity and selfishness. I know life can be tough. But the truth is that it’s worth going through it, believe me. I know that when you’re in the middle of a crisis, it doesn’t matter how much positive hope others give you, and one of the only things on your mind is that you want everything to end, you wished you never had any of your happy memories, so that you could start all over, not have to live with knowing there was a time when that was better and the now is worse. 

You become a fake happy person, a person who shows happiness to others but isn’t truly happy in the inside. The truth is that when you go through serious dark times in your life, you may start to notice things you never saw before, things you took for granted. Not everyone will see it, and it may take a long time for people to notice. Some may never even notice, but for those who do, you’ll notice that the green leaves look greener than before.

For those who do, you may notice that the sunlight was never so pleased to see when you walk outside, or you may notice that those people around you look more beautiful too because they’re here just like you, feeling the same things you are, having the same fears, desires, and needs, and that makes us more different and more the same. Once you see all of this, you’ll never forget it. It’ll be a core memory, a memory, which you will never forget, and you start to realize that you probably have such terrible moments in your life because you’re trying to teach these lessons to yourself, and you appreciate the best moments the best way possible, and when you see it, it’s so beautiful. today and for the rest of your life, live your life, knowing that your actions change everything and that people do care about you, and I say this because not only suicide is going up, but depression and disease are spreading rapidly unlike before. People are suffering more, racial tides are getting a little worse, the economic gap between the elite forces and the poor is growing larger and larger, and some rulers and people of the world are becoming more violent and narrow-minded. 

So, if you believe you’re alone, know that you aren’t alone. Know that there are seven billion other people here with you, going through the same things you are, going through birth and death equally, with each person having different routes of getting to that ending. Know that you truly have so much time and so little because you have tons of opportunities to go out and change things while at the same time you never know when your story ends or if you’re almost out of time, and if you’re considering killing yourself or going away because you don’t think you can take it anymore, trust me on waiting. If you wait, a time will come when you thank yourself you didn’t do it because life is beauty and darkness, love and hate, and contrasts of one another, and know that once you get through the hardest portions of your life, you’ll look back to what you have overcome and what new, the stronger person you have become and be glad you stuck around, and be glad you made all those unforgettable experiences. Then, ironically, after it’s all over, you’ll realize it’s even more than contrasts between two things and that it’s something bigger than yourself, and you were a part of all of it.

So, in the end, what is the meaning of life? I personally think there is no right or wrong answer because defining something as the correct answer and something as the wrong one ruins the whole purpose of us thinking this question. It starts with everything. When you ask yourself what the meaning of everything is… you realize you are part of everything, and everything everyone does and loves is everything, and then using your individual self, as out of one of the infinite people who have existed, exist, and will exist, you will be the only you, and I’ll let you take it from there. Just know that if you went away, the world would miss you, and I would miss you too because of everyone matters, but most of all, you matter too.

Do you agree with me? If not then what is the meaning of life to you?

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