10 truth about life you should accept

July 20, 2020

Truth about life
Truth about life
There is some hard truth about life we don't really accept, So, there is 10 truth about the life you should accept. These are:

1. People come and go: 

I’ve always thought that close friends are forever. Well, in some sense, they are but not necessarily physically close in your life. Some might just migrate to another country one day because they found better living options there. Close at heart maybe.

2. Time waits for no one: 

I really can’t deny this. I bet you had some flashbacks of your past and wondered what brought you to this moment in life. The ups and downs of life granted you the best gift you can ever receive - the memories.

3. You are responsible for yourself: 

There are times in life that you can only rely on yourself because no one understands the situation better than you. It’s not that people don't want to help; they just can’t relate and thus can’t help. You’re the one and only person who can help yourself.

4. Never trust anyone 100%: 

I call this detachment from expectations. We are emotional creatures. We are hard-wired to move away from what hurts us. Given the suitable conditions at the right moment, there’s a slight chance that your loved ones will betray you, whether intentional or not.

5. Love is a double-edged sword: 

Love is beautiful and also a choice. When you surrender to love, you also chose to surrender the most vulnerable part of yourselves to be with someone else. This is a risk that you chose and it’s also a risk worth taking.

6. You’re constantly evolving: 

Life is a learning process for everyone. As you go through life, you are constantly learning new things that take you out of your comfort zone. You’ll learn, grow, and change throughout the process. You’ll never be the same person you are five years from now.

7. Toxicity comes from personality: 

Ever met someone who’s just toxic? That’s their personality. You can really never understand their behavior as to when they would use their toxicity. Their toxicity comes from the pure ignorance of their actions towards others and their unwillingness to change.

8. Boundaries are healthy: 

We have our own problems and boundaries are an act of self-care. Boundaries allow you to draw a line between your welfare and others. You should never accept whatever crosses your boundary. Ever.

9. Relationships take real effort: 

No matter how busy you are, you have to find time to nurture and maintain your relationships. As mentioned in #6, you’ll outgrow some people in your life. When you spend lesser time together, you simply run out of things in common, and thus the relationship weakens and dissipates.

10. You decide who your family is: 

A family is a group of people who feels like home to you. And that won’t necessarily be related in blood. You can have friends who you call family because they accept the flaws that you are ashamed to show to anyone else. And you can also have blood relatives that don’t even know who you are. Family is who makes you feel at home.

There you go. The 10 truths you searching for. These are all based on my life experiences. Take how it resonates with you because you might have a different viewpoint than mine.

So let me know if you agree with me with this or not in the comment below

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