Things to keep in mind before buying a book?

July 26, 2020

Things to keep in mind before buying a book
Things to keep in mind before buying a book
In today's age of the internet, softcopy of any book can be found for free if you search a little. So a question may arise, why should I buy a book, if its soft copy is available for free? However, the questioner will buy the book. So I escaped this question. Let's go ahead and buy the book, what are the things to think about when buying the book. 

    1) Paperback, hardcover, softcopy, or audio copy

    Almost all the books come out in these four formats. Paperback light. Can be easily carried. The price is also low. On the other hand, the hardcover book is heavy. The book cannot be folded. Again, the price is high. So seemingly why would I just buy a hardcover? The answer is, the hardcover book will last a long time. Its paper quality and binding work are improved. Moreover, it looks beautiful. It feels quite comfortable to hold in hand. So many people buy hardcovers to create their own book collection. And you can buy softcopy if you have an e-book reader like Kindle. The advantage is that you can carry many books at once. And if you are more interested in listening than reading, you can also buy an audiobook. This combination of reading and listening to the book with headphones in hand is very good. 

    2) version

    This point is especially important for textbooks. You can purchase a newer version if a new chapter or modification is added to the book. 

    3) New books or old books

    Second-hand books are also available in bookstores. If there is a shortage of money you can do it. Many times, the price of a new newsprint book is almost equal to the price of a secondhand original book. In that case, many people may have bought old books without buying new ones. 

    4) Cover

    Although I am surprised to hear that there are many people who are still in the group of “judge a book by its cover”. The same book is available on different covers. Many people buy books even after seeing the beautiful cover. 

    5) Illustrated or non-illustrated

    "A picture is worth more than a thousand words". There is a group of book lovers who are waiting for an illustrated edition of a book. Colorful pictures on the pages of the book enrich the world of their imagination. However, the price of this type of book is a little higher. 

    6) Original book or translation

    If you do not know the language of the original book, then there is no time to think about buying a translation book. But if you know the original language well, you can buy the original copy. No matter how good the translation is, it cannot be better than the language in which the book is written. This is because the artwork of one language is not well translated into another language. Here's the thing. If you are not good at the original language, then you will not be able to catch the rhetoric of the language. Then it is better to buy a good translation book. 

    Many people buy books with the attitude of "buy a book". I'm not blaming it. Because reading is better than not reading books. However, I think those who are a little fancy and want to create a dedicated library room in their home should buy books with the above in mind.

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