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July 08, 2020

The science of laziness
The science of laziness
‘I’m Feeling very tired, I can’t go out today’ Does this word come out of your mouth automatically when friends ask you to go for a walk? Or did you cancel a tempting offer like a friend's treat for the same reason? In that case, it is time to be aware and not just rely on rest. Say ‘no’ to lazy life. 

Exhaustion or tiredness manifests in our bodies in different ways. Such as lack of attention, irritability, frustration, amnesia, decreased performance, slow reaction, etc. Again, many times various physical problems start from fatigue. Overweightness, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, and even various accidents can happen. 

We eat tea, coffee, sugar, energy drinks, vitamins, and much more to relieve tiredness. But it is seen that even doing so much may not be of any benefit. Maybe even after getting enough sleep, as soon as you wake up, you feel tired. We don't need tea or coffee again and again; we need to know the cause of tiredness. Not only is physical tiredness exhausting, but mental exhaustion can also be the cause of our depression. 

Let's know the way of how to stop being lazy

  • You are not right mentally and spiritually
Maybe you are unhappy, dissatisfied, worried, or uninterested in life. Or you may be involved in a relationship that you do not want, or you are doing a job that you do not like at all, or you are in a situation that is breaking your patience. 

So, now is the time to take a little time without making the mountain of frustration bigger. Calm down and think a little. Think of a time when everything was fine, you were happy and excited about the future. Did you feel so tired then? In the same way, think of a time when you were in a relationship or a job that was gripping all your energy, remember that no matter how much rest you take at that time, you will feel trouble waking up from the sleep, you will feel tired all day. 

Every one of us has something in our life that we feel happy to do and there is also a job that we get tired of hearing the name of, it is normal. Maybe, you like to go fast but in reality, you have to keep well-informed of all the details, or maybe you like variety but your life is tied to 9 am to 5 pm. The matter can be understood only by seeing the children going to school. I think You have seen the difference between the laziness of children on school days and restlessness on holidays! 

Find out the root cause of your tiredness. Start doing what you love, which gives you joy. Mental and spiritual peace will bring balance in your life, will free you from tiredness. 

In many cases, we do many things which become a threat to our body. Like maybe, we have financial needs so we joined the office overtime but it completely ignored the fact that it is beyond the reach of our body. As a result, maybe the body accepted that for a day or two, but one day it will complain about it. It can be seen that even if you give up overtime then the schedule causes tiredness in the body. 

It is actually important to take care of your body. Because, no matter how well we play the instrument, if there is a fault in the instrument, the melody will be out of tune! 

In these cases, it is better to take a short vacation and spend some time with the family. Also body massage, yoga, quantum are all good benefits to get rid of tiredness and return to normal life. 

  • You are not eating enough or properly
Our energy depends on how much food we eat. According to nutritionists, most people think that sweets, sugary foods, chips, and chocolate increase our energy. These foods are responsible for energy loss and laziness. 

It is important to keep in mind not only what you are eating but also how much you are eating. No lunch can be neglected. It was too late to wake up in the morning so I will eat more in the afternoon instead of in the morning, this is not right. It must be eaten every time and meat, sugar, vitamins should be eaten in combination. 

From homemade rice-curry to pasta, pizza is very yummy to eat but you have to control yourself. Dependence on fast food or roadside food is not only tiredness, but it will also bring many diseases. 

  • You're lacking sleep
Maybe you think you’re sleeping, but is that really so? Is the sleep really being fulfilled? Is sleep really going well? Even if you don't realize it, waking up repeatedly, using a mobile-laptop or any electronics before going to bed, a hard bed, or a pillow, an illuminated room all can affect your sleep. And so full sleep does not have the energy that is supposed to be stored in the body, so the whole day goes with tiredness. 

So, we should finish using the electronics at least an hour before going to bed, use the pillow or bed as per our choice, arrange less light in the room. These steps will ensure our restless sleep as well as start a tireless day later as well. 

  • For some reason, you are worried or depressed
Excessive thinking releases the hormone cortisol in our body which disrupts our sleep. Also, extra thinking consumes our energy. Just like if a mobile app is running in the background all the time, it will consume more battery, same like that, if there is a ghost of worry in the head, sleep will be not good enough, the desire to eat will die, or even if you eat it will not work properly for the needs of the body. 

Similarly, anxiety is caused by depression which will turn leads to insomnia, headaches, tiredness. And it will affect your every work. Suppose we start the day with 100 units of energy. If 50 of these units are spent on anxiety or depression, then naturally we will get tired ahead of time. Meditation and yoga are very effective in reducing anxiety. And less worry means less tiredness and less tiredness means a healthy life. 

  • You are not doing enough exercise
Many of us think that there is no need to exercise if you follow a balanced diet. But the idea is completely wrong. Physical exercise is a must for wellness. A study from the University of Georgia found that people with chronic depression were able to get out of tiredness in just six weeks by exercising twenty minutes three days a week. I know that the word exercise or physical exercise in tiredness is a horrible name. But physical activity increases the productivity of our heart and lungs, ensures oxygen by increasing blood circulation in the body which provides nutrition to our body, increases energy, and reduces tiredness. 

So next time, if you have time, use the stairs instead of the elevator and if possible, spend some time for your body regularly in the morning or afternoon. 

  • You are suffering from dehydration
The human body’s 50-60 percent is filled with Water. Even some important parts of the body such as the brain, heart, and lungs are made up of 80% water. In other words, even the slightest dehydration will create a lot of energy shortage. It has been found that 2% of water shortage disrupts our daily activities. It usually takes us a long time to understand the lack of water in our bodies. Because, the water that we get thirsty in the hot sun, we don't get it when we are sitting in the AC room, but does it mean that the body needs less water in the AC room? 

A study in Great Britain found that one in five people suffer from tiredness and depression due to not drinking enough water, which results in dehydration. And not only tiredness but dehydration can also lead to various diseases. An adult should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. So, drink a glass of water before your morning tea and going to bed. 

  • Physical problems can also be the cause of your tiredness
If you can't merge your reasons with any of the above, then maybe it's time to consult a doctor. Excessive tiredness or exhaustion can be the symptoms of various diseases or physical problems. 

Anemia is one of the leading causes of rapid tiredness, especially in women. Anemia means iron deficiency and iron is necessary to provide energy to the body. In addition, thyroid problems, such as hypothyroidism, can lead to tiredness. Lack of vitamins in the diet is one of the main causes of depression in children and infants. Tiredness is also often seen as a side effect of urinary area infections. In diabetes, excess sugar stays in the blood without being absorbed by our body, which causes tiredness. Again, low blood sugar means a lack of passable nutrition in the body and this is also the reason why the body suffers from tiredness. 

In conclusion, continuous tiredness is never a matter of negligence. It will be a Wrong decision if you think that today or tomorrow it will be alright. Because, if tiredness went away on its own, it would never be continuous. You should know how to stop being lazy. Just find out Where is the real problem is. Is it in your change of diet, physical exercise, or a mental decision? You are the one who has to find out. Take a moment now. Spend some of your time to figuring out what you need. Spending some of this time will save you a lot of time in the future.

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