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July 18, 2020

Take care of your mind
Take care of your mind

Mentally, everyone is going through a lot of stress in the last few months. There is always some question frustrating you all the time like Will I be able to live a healthy life, what will happen to a family that loves me so much if I die suddenly? Good and bad - our path together. Sometimes I get the desired object within reach, sometimes it is the other way around. Distance with family or loved one, re-study, various job irritations. All in all, it is difficult to keep one's mind happy. But it is not possible to sit like that. So, no matter how much trouble comes, try to keep yourself happy. 

But in the midst of so much trouble, is it so easy to keep a good mind? 

There are several ways you can obey this. Being depressed or depressed is a normal emotional emotion. But it only becomes harmful when it becomes long-lasting. As a result, however, the person may suffer from several psychological problems, such as bipolar disorder, lowliness complex. 

There are some suggestions in this regard:

    1. Accept the problem

    If you encounter any problem, take it normally. Maybe you didn't get admitted in the department of choice or various family crises became the cause of your mental anxiety. Try to convince yourself at this time, no problem is permanent. You will one day feel these problems a little. 

    2. Stay focused on your work

    Who likes to work these days? Meanwhile, if he is sitting again, he is falling behind. So, give yourself time and sort out the plans. Maybe you won’t be interested in the beginning. So, give yourself this time. After that, start working on your own creativity. 

    3. Express your feelings to a dear friend

    We feel light when we can open our minds to someone about our problems. Psychologists say that in this but a lot of mental anxiety is relieved. So, talk to a close friend or family member. Also, make sure that the person you are talking to is really trustworthy. 

    4. Jobs of choice

    He had forgotten his hobbies in so many busy days. In a matter of days, he kept himself busy during these activities. Reading books, listening to music, or going for a walk. Especially being in the same situation makes you feel repetitive. So, take the time to go somewhere and plan slowly there. 

    5. Be grateful for your life

    As if all happiness is on the other side of the river, in fact, there is a problem on the other side of the river. Maybe someone's problem is financial and someone's family. So, try to be grateful for every aspect of your life. Concentrate on your own little things without comparing yourself to others. 

    6. Yoga or meditation

    Try to meditate two or three days a week. You can walk for some time every morning or evening. It will be good for both body and mind. Along with that eat moderate and healthy food and drink. 

    7. Do something different

    Refrain yourself from the same list every day for a while. Not only in case of depression, but also in normal busyness. He cooked something different, painted pictures, and even redecorated his house. 

    8. Let some things go

    Get out of the ‘must be’ mentality all the time. Try to prepare yourself for certain situations. Learn to be the first to stumble, not the first. 

    So, don't give yourself a little time! Stay Safe and be kind to yourself!

    Do you agree with me? Comment below 

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