Why do I feel so sad and in a low mood for no reason?

July 28, 2020

What is the reason for feeling sad without any reason?
What is the reason for feeling sad without any reason?
Mental illness is constantly being misdiagnosed based on some common concepts. As a result, mental illness prevention activities, medicine, research, every field is facing obstacles. That's why it's good to know a few simple things about mental illness.

Mental illness can be divided into two parts by looking at the thick spots. Neurosis is a disorder in which a person's normal emotions are over-expressed and his or her normal life is significantly or alarmingly disrupted. Another part is Psychosis where real-world distance is created with the person and there are widespread abnormalities in his or her behavior. In these cases, the patient awakens to certain beliefs and feelings that are not related to other people.

These two types of disease are difficult. However, both are curable. Usually, we think of the second part as a mental illness. Since the first part is the extreme manifestation of real feelings, neither the individual nor his family-relatives-friends can accept the problems as mental illness, or even if they accept it, they are not very optimistic about the proper treatment. However, various studies have shown that the vast majority of mental patients suffer from these neurotic diseases.

For example, fear is a normal feeling in us. The feeling of fear is more or less present in everyone as part of our survival in the course of evolution. But if this fear becomes excessive and causes considerable disruption to life, then the matter will be considered in the list of Anxiety Disorder.

For example, someone's fear of heights is so big that if the office is moved from one floor or two floors to 10 floors by changing the place of work, he may not hesitate to quit his job even at the age of 40.

It is also a normal emotion to be temporarily depressed or upset. But when things get to the point where the person is upset all-day without a good reason, no motivation to work, sleep disturbances, abnormal weight changes, abnormal eating habits become more or less forgotten, mood swings become irritable, Suffering from inattention, avoiding the social environment, experiencing abnormal guilt, having only depressing thoughts about the present and the future, wanting to die, or planning or attempting suicide. If certain or all of these symptoms are present and disrupt a person's normal life from being present for a certain period of time, then it will indicate Major Depressive Disorder.

There is an effective treatment for these problems. Not only that, but there are also many more problems like these two that have a scientific solution to the problem. So, if you avoid problems because of misconceptions, or if you refrain from consulting a doctor thinking ‘these will go away on their own’, the harm will be greater. Many times, these problems can also be a sign of physical disease that if you disclosed it to a doctor, he will make it possible to identify and treat it appropriately.

Another thing to note is that many mental illnesses manifest as physical symptoms due to the deep connection between the body and the mind. Especially in a country like ours where socio-economic and cultural problems are more dominant than mental problems, the physical manifestation of symptoms can be noticed by others.

For example, a 12-year-old schoolboy has seen in his experience that talking about a headache gives him a break from school or that his parents pay enough attention to him. Later in life, when a person is overwhelmed by a large amount of stress, it is through the symptoms of this headache that the person manifests stress, frustration, or anxiety.

Another example to explain the point is that we may all experience a dry throat or a thirst for water in a frightening situation, a feeling of emptiness inside the head, a feeling of dizziness, chills in the limbs, shivers, or Heart tremors are felt, sweating occurs, muscles shake, there is a feeling of fainting. If these symptoms occur frequently in any situation, then, of course, the matter is very problematic for him.

Proper history, physical and laboratory tests showed that the person's problem was actually an Anxiety Disorder. The person's medical provider diagnosed his disease and wanted to give the patient the proper treatment for his illness. But if the patient is driven by the usual misconceptions about mental illness, the matter will become more terrifying to him, because then he will be added to additional fears such as –

I'm crazy!

What will happen to me if anyone finds out? I will think of a weak mind

Is there a big disease in my body that the doctor can't really catch? If there is no big disease,

why am I having these problems?

What will be the treatment?

These thoughts will multiple his anxiety. There will also be distrust towards the doctor. The whole thing will have a negative impact on a person's life. However, if it is known that these symptoms are due to mental illness if there is an idea about the physiological changes in fear and the attitude of looking at mental illness in a positive way then it will be comparatively easier for the patient to deal with.

With the socio-economic changes in our world, mental illness is increasing day by day. So, to stop this, the demand for proper treatment is constantly increasing.

Many times, in life, there will be some unwanted moments. Moments that will happen in a hurry, which is maybe beyond our imagination. At the same time, the mind is nervous to adjust to the changing opposing situation. You will feel stress at that time. This stress not only causes changes in the inner self but also causes a number of significant physical symptoms. Stress disturbs the balance of certain chemicals or neurotransmitters in the brain and breathing becomes abnormal. Then it may seem natural that there is a physical problem. But it is also important to keep in mind that stress can be a factor.

I wish everyone good health and mind. 

What is your thought about the reason for being sad without any reason?

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