How to Remember Things: Memory Techniques

July 22, 2020

How to Improve remembering skill
How to Improve remembering skill

Are you saying something? Do you remember your memory-less? Don't you remember? No more riddles. Let's try to understand a little bit about this. 

The usual rule of remembering is: 

1. Assumptions. 

2. Repetition. 

3. Assemble. 

The first step in strengthening memory power is to have a deep and clear idea about the subject you want to remember. In order to do this, you must be united towards that subject. It is possible to increase the memory power only through practice. 

If one can meditate deeply on an object for five minutes, it will give such a good result that all the opacity of the mind will go away. 

Remember that your memory is not bad or not destroyed. The need is just to sharpen it a little. Just like an iron knife, just like that. 

The famous psychologist prof. carl seashore says: 

"On average, people don't use ten percent of their memory properly. They waste ninety percent of the natural laws they have to remember." 

Tell me one thing, did you forget to smile? Did you forget your favorite football game? Did you forget where you went last year? Didn't you forget? In fact, you do not think these things are difficult. So do not forget. We forget the tasks that we pay less attention to. 

But the things that can cut the scars in your mind are exactly remembered. They never go away. They wake you up. These are always your being, mind, body, eyes, ears, feelings, emotions, who keeps all these things awake. 

You know where the trouble is, our mind is half busy, the other half is tired, depressed. We enjoy doing happy work, but doing what we don't like to do makes our brain tired. 

Most of the work we do from morning till night is done in a restless manner. 

Twenty-seven people once came to work in the Thomas Edison factory along the same route. One day Edison asked them, "Well, tell me how big the cherry tree on the side of the road is, I don't go there usually." Surprisingly, one in twenty-seven people has been coming that way for so long, but no one noticed the cherry tree. So, Edison used to say: 

"On average, the human brain doesn't even notice a thousandth of what their eyes see. This is proof of how weak our powers of observation are." 

So, remember that the work you are doing, do it with love. We've gotten rid of the hassle of remembering most things. Now, man has so many instruments in his hands that we have put all the responsibility on its shoulders. How many people now remember the phone number? I don't even remember. We have given ourselves leave from so many things. So, our mind has become lazy without getting any work. So, remember everything: 

1. Take a closer look around while walking down the street.

2. Look at nature for at least five minutes every day. Keep looking at the green trees.

3. For reading, take the help of your imaginations. For example, if you read history, paint the characters of the kings in your imagination.

4. You can read a little louder to remember to read. Abraham Lincoln used this method.

5. If you want to know something else, try to understand its meaning first.

6. If you want to remember, you have to repeat what you have learned over and over again.

7. Another rule to remember is to connect objects to one another.

8. To remember the name of another unknown person, know the spelling of his name.

If you try these things then for sure you will improve your remembering skill.

Do you agree with me or not? comment us below. 

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