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July 15, 2020

How to feel good?
How to feel good?
You should promise to feel good in the morning. But if you want, you can't stay well all day because of Home, the pressure of work, or a thousand thoughts in the office. All in all, at the end of the day, the plus-minus fraction is very small. But if you want, you can keep yourself in the limelight. Here are some ways to keep the mood good:

A Good morning

I want the day to start with a smooth, beautiful, and bright morning. Then the rest stays all day. If you want to stay awake all day, you must get up in the morning. If you can wake up in the morning than the day becomes much bigger. When you wake up in the morning, you can prepare yourself for the whole day with a little more time. If the body is good, the mind is full. Get up in the morning and walk to keep your mind refreshed. Walking is good for health and body. In addition to being physically good, At the same time, the immune system also increases. As well as the hair stays good, incorporation increases. Eliminates mental exhaustion as well as increases confidence. You can keep yourself in a good mood by walking regularly in the morning.

It is beneficial to wake up in the morning and drink water on an empty stomach. If you don't like to just drink water, drink a slice of fresh lemon in water. Your body will be refreshed for the whole day. Make a schedule throughout the day to prepare for work physically and mentally. Enjoy the soft light of the morning. Morning light is naturally able to prepare your mind for the whole day.

You should take a bath before going out to work. You should not go out in a hurry without taking a bath. The habit of taking a bath in the morning refreshes the mind. After bathing, the skin becomes flexible. The habit of bathing in the morning increases the energy of work, normalizes blood circulation in the body, reduces depression. Then have breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal. Eating good food also makes the mind flutter. You can have a cup of hot tea with breakfast. There is no additional for it to keep the body clean and healthy.

At work

Being in a good mood in the office is the hardest job. Everyone in the family understands you fairly well. But the problem is in the office. You don't always get what you want in the office. Maybe the boss's advice or the non-cooperation of colleagues can poison your mind. When you’re angry, control is not in your hand anymore. But in the interest of office work and to maintain a beautiful environment, the anger must be submissive. If you can control your anger, your mind will be full. In the office, you must work with many types of people. Everyone has a different character. So, you must adjust yourself a little all the time in the office. Even if you don't like many things about this, you must give a discount. If someone is in a bad mood, take a break from work. As a result, you will be better and happier.

When you are tired of working continuously in the office, relax in your seat and listen to any song or poem of your choice in soft words. You will see that the mind has become better. If you abuse someone under the pressure of extra work, don't forget to call them 'sorry' when you have a cold head. This will not make you smaller but will put an end to misunderstandings. Your mind will be full of joy.

Music is something that has the power to make our minds better in any situation. You can listen to your favorite songs while going to the office or returning home from the office. The mind will be quite lively. And you see, the time to come to the office will be better. Tell yourself a motivational sentence to make you confident. At present, you can do yoga to keep your mind and body well, to keep you cheerful. At the end of yoga, you will see that your body and mind are much more exciting than before.

At the end of the day

After returning home after work, both body and mind get tired. To keep the body and mind refreshed, you should take a good bath after returning home This will relieve your tiredness. Even if you don't have much time to take a bath in the morning, take a bath with a little more time when you return home at night Keep some time for yourself after returning home from work You can do whatever you want at this time It could be spending time with a hobby, watching a movie or listening to music You can do something creative if you have time. People nearby are not communicated due to the busyness of the day. Back home at night can talk to relatives or friends. Occasionally you can hang out with your loved ones at the coffee shop after work You can also organize a joyous event by inviting everyone at home. Body and mind will become full in the company of dear people. If you can't find time to walk in the morning, you can walk later in the evening.

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