9 Steps to Transforming Yourself From Who You Are to Who You Want to Be

July 30, 2020

Time for change yourself
Time for changing yourself

Human habit is the main character or originality. When habits change, people change. This is the law of nature. Let's find out how much you can change your habits.

    How you will change yourself?

    Little by little, the habit of where you are today has developed. Maybe you are a little worse or maybe you are very good. Change yourself to try to be better. Change is just the name of an event. People change for different reasons at different times. 

    Why you should change yourself?

    Personality and humanity are the first and foremost topics of discussion for a person. What to talk about if you have to talk to a person. Behavior, activity, and personal aspects. Brother, what you do for yourself is a matter of polite and advanced talk. It is not something that people will laugh at. Besides, you will change yourself for your own sake. For your good and your improvement. 

    What to do to change yourself?

    You can change yourself if you want to change. The first and foremost task is to do something good all the time thinking about our lives. What do we mean by something good? A person needs a few special things to survive or improve his life, some of which are significant. 

    Give up bad habits

    Bad habits are the worst aspect of human life. One person has one kind of bad habit. Some smoke cigarettes, some drink alcohol, or many return homes late at night. There are some people who just talk and work a lot. This is also a kind of bad habit. It is a matter of will to give up. It is most important to change yourself. 

    Be a hardworking person

    Hard work is the only key to good luck. You have read it many times, you will ask those who have achieved success around you to see how hard they have succeeded. A lot of times we say in school that this student is very talented but we always look at her in front of them, we never see how hard she has worked to come to this stage. There is no doubt that she is more talented than she is. Nothing is possible without hard work. And if you work hard, you will be able to do everything. So, start working hard to reach the goal without delay. Here you may think Jamie worked 2 hours today I have worked very hard, but if you think so then listen to the definition of hard work. Hard work should be so much that after quitting that job you will not have any strength to do any other work. This is called hard work. 

    Try to be healthy

    Trying to stay healthy is one of the reasons why people get sick. As a result of cleaning the hands and feet can be free from any viruses. Eating and exercising can also get rid of many types of diseases. Don't go to the doctor only if you are sick, don't do it now. See a doctor regularly and get your checkup done. Check for any disease before it occurs. If any disease is seen then a very easy cure can be tried. If you can do anything for 10 minutes every day, then you have 3650 minutes in a year which is a total of 60 hours and 50 minutes. If you work in an office for 8 hours, then this time will be equal to your seven days of living. If you are working regularly for seven days in the building, then you will be able to finish any one of these seven days. Even if you work for 10 minutes. 

    Be patient

    Patience is very important in human life. If you want to get something, you must wait patiently with the strength of mind. You have to be patient before or in other bad situations. So, if you want to get big results, you have to work patiently because without patience you can't achieve anything big. So, control yourself and be patient. 

    Read books

    There are many funny books or serious books that will give you everything, laughter, happiness, joy, tears, etc. If you read books regularly, your grief will be reduced and you will learn a lot. You can add novelty to life. At present in our country reading books has decreased a lot. Now the young generation prefers to spend time on Facebook rather than reading books. So, people's understanding is declining. You read the book yourself and help others to read. 

    When to change yourself

    I have said before that there is no specific time limit for changing yourself. You can change yourself at any time if you want. When you realize that you need to change yourself to get out of the situation, I am in. You must change yourself. And if you never want to, then no one from outside can change you. It is up to you. Willpower. The first condition of a happy life is to be content with what you have. To learn to understand life, to feel, and to know one's inner self again.

    You can apply these ideas to change yourself. What do you think?

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