What is the best definition of love?

July 23, 2020

The concept of “tough love.”
The concept of “tough love.”

It's different to lust, BTW.

Let's start with the definition of love


Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. We can define love as a human feeling and an emotional experience. People's love and respect for people is the origin of love. Love is the strongest expression of affection for a particular person. Yet love can be shared from different viewpoints. 

People can start loving others after loving themselves. Cause if you can’t love yourself then you can’t love others. Many people define love in different words. According to some, “love is an emotion that makes us feel good.” Some others say, "Love is giving affection, tenderness, to someone from the heart." 

In a word, love is an invisible but transparent object, which is a combination of respect, passion, empathy, affection, and faith. According to many people, "love is like a cigarette, the result of which is burnt to ashes.”


Emotional love is usually deep, you can share all your human feelings with someone special. There are many kinds of love we feel and also many languages of love. such as unconditional love or crazy stupid love, religious love, love for relatives, teacher’s love for his students, etc. More precisely, an extra affection for any person or object that makes you feel happy even for work or food.

Love also comes from affection. When a new baby is born, the mother loves the baby. The child irritates his mother most of the time with crying, not sleeping properly, not eating, etc. But after all these things, the reason a mother can't leave her child is love. Many times, love comes from respect. For example, we love our parents, grandparents with respect. There is also love for the parents. This love has the most passion, faith, and respect. The longer a person stays with their parents after born, the stronger the basis of their faith and respect would be, but exceptions are possible. The bond of love is formed for other members of the family as well, but its speed depends on the environment and the impact. In this case, there would be more respect, emotion, sympathy. Family love is a love for your children. This love is very precious to every human being.

The love for the teacher is one of the most remarkable loves among human beings. It has more respect and faith. Love for the place of birth or country also exists in people. This love has the most respect and passion. Love for the world is somewhat kind of like this, but this love is a little different than the others.
My personal thought on this is, there is no definition of love in this world. The four-letter word “love” is not a good house made of bricks and stones. Love is blind, you can’t see or touch it but you can feel it. Love is usually grown with trust and emotions. The definition of Love is a natural form of human reaction.

You can Fall in love with a particular person at any time. But in this case, there has to be more respect, emotion, sympathy, and faith.

There is a big difference between liking someone and falling in love with someone. The feeling that you feel when you see the beauty of someone outside his liking. Moreover, love begins with liking.

Liking is like when a flower dried up or didn't look good anymore you threw it away. But when you love it you take care of that flower. You do everything to make it lively again. In the same way, you do everything to make it work for someone you love. You didn’t want to let it go. But when you only like someone you didn’t give much effort to that. It is easy to give up in liking.

But when you love someone hardly you expect so much from the person you love actually, and as we all know that the expectations bring disappointments. When you’re once disappointed you kind of start to lose trust which makes a lot of problems between you and the person you love. Which eventually cause the breakup. Excess of everything is bad even in love. You shouldn’t expect too much from a person.

Tough love isn't always the answer and in a lot of cases has the opposite effect than what is intended.

Roughly speaking, this is my idea. My ideas or thinking about love might be wrong, so I look forward to your thoughtful comments.

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