Biggest misconceptions about depression

July 09, 2020

Biggest misconceptions about depression
Biggest misconceptions about depression
Life is not really complicated. But people make it complicated and difficult. People should stop advising people suffering from depression. If you give advice to someone who is suffering from depression, the pressure will increase. Depression is actually a strange kind of emotional illness and the person's mood or mood worsen day by day. This disease is often long-lasting. People with the disease break down, become lazy, become numb, weak, powerless, and mentally weak.

The most stereotyped misconception in any discussion about depression and suicide is,

"How much trouble in the life of that person, yet he is trying and struggling. Now look at this man, how much easier is this man's life than that, but still, he makes that decision?” Or

"suicide is a kind of cowardice"

No depressed person would want to hear such advice from you. We try to judge everything according to our experience. It is not too late for us to stop making rough judgments about the things that are beyond our experience.

How helpless the man can be to make such a difficult decision? 
How meaningless was life to the one who committed suicide today?

If we remove all the cover, we have nothing but ourselves. 
How empty, how helpless does a person feel when he decides to kill himself?  No, none of us think that.

you should avoid the depression, it’s just in your head.” 

This is what most of people think. They think it’s a kind of choice for the people who are depressed. If someone you care about is going through depression, instead of telling them to stop thinking about it or forget about it, try and be supportive of them. It will help them to overcome the situation.

If you want to stand by as a true friend, listen to the words of a depressed or suicidal person about empathy. they don’t need your advice; you don’t even need to say that you can feel their pain (which you probably can't.)

Just listen to them, this is what they need. I want to be heard. You don’t need to say who is wrong, who is right, or how wonderful life is. Needless to say.

Recovery of a depressed person will become much easier when their family, friends, relatives will not try to judge them by their depression and stop advising them because they already know everything you will advise them. Just stay by their side, try to understand their feelings. Let them act like whatever the way they want, just stay by their side because they know how much pressure is on them.

I think this is the high time we should stop making misconceptions about depression. You should learn before talking about any subject or topic.

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  1. This is very informative. Great post!

  2. I totally agree that people need to be more educated about mental health.
    It will create an aura of understanding and support.

    1. Yeah, i think so.
      Thanks for understanding.

  3. Well expressed. Caring and Sharing can save a life.

  4. This is an important topic of all time.

    Depression is majorly associated with isolation; when a person is depressed, he will love to stay isolated and disconnect every means of connection, secure the ways to avoid distractions from people but this is a shorter way of being destroyed by depression. Though, it may seem difficult but staying socially active helps overcome depression.


  5. Agreed! we should never ignore or distance ourselves from people (feeling depressed) who need help

    1. Yes, but sadly this is what most of the people do.



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